Being productive is sometimes hard for us to do. Thanks to today’s technology there are many apps and tips out there that can help you to become more productive.


Some of the best apps that we have come across include Slack, Google Drive, and 

  • Slack is great for communicating with your team and coworkers. It’s a messaging system that makes it fast and easy to send messages to others, lets you set reminders, and keep the mood light with funny giphys. 

  • Google Drive allows you to store files that you can access on any computer, anywhere, with an internet access. Google Drive also makes it easy for you to share files with anyone you want and leave comments on the files. You can edit a paper with someone who’s in another country at the same time while seeing what edits they make. 

  • is another great app that we recently started using and helps you to clear out the clutter of your inbox. is an app that you sign in to with your email and it finds senders that are in your inbox. In a matter of seconds, you can unsubscribe from various emails that flood your inbox daily. 


There are many tips out there on the internet about how to be more productive. Unfortunately, surfing the internet could be one of the things that hurts your productivity. There are websites you can use that will block you for periods of time from going on certain websites, such as When you’re trying to be productive, it’s always a good idea to make a to-do list. Highlight the most important things on your list that you need to do first. Although it may sound counterproductive, it’s a good idea to take occasional breaks, go for a walk, and get outside. This is when you will be able to free your mind for a second and, sometimes, this is when the best ideas happen!


When trying to be your most productive self, it’s important to be in an environment that’s conducive for that. Working out of coworking spaces instead of your couch at home helps you to get more done, thanks to the environment these spaces create. Many studies show this to be true for a variety of reasons. For one, people who work in coworking spaces are said to view their work as more meaningful. The studies also show that those who work in coworking spaces have more job control, because the coworking spaces have flexible hours. Working near and around other people, while being able to socialize, makes people feel as though they are part of a community