What is coworking?

Coworking is a community of people who work independently in a shared workspace and have a common set of values.  Coworking is built on 5 core values: Community, Collaboration, Openness, Sustainability, and Accessibility.  You can learn more about these values here.

Coworking is a global trend that started with a single space in San Francisco in 2005, and has grown exponentially with now more than 2,500 spaces worldwide, and more are opening every day.  The concept is to create a shared office space where people work independently, together.  The employment landscape is transforming, and workers are no longer tethered by wires, cubicles, or places.  Coworking was designed for these modern workers.


Working from home is often lonely, distracting, and unproductive.  At CommonPoint, there is no laundry to fold, dishes to wash, kids to entertain, or dogs to walk. There is office equipment, free coffee, WiFi, and a group of talented, hardworking peers that want to better themselves, their businesses, and their community.

Who works at CommonPoint?

Our members are mostly small businesses and knowledge and creative professionals (freelancers, designers, solopreneurs, independent contractors, remote workers, mobile workers, satellite teams, etc), but anyone who desires a modern workspace and a collaborative community are welcome!